• Basic Ecology

    The area known as “The Woods” is not really a natural forest ecosystem. But it does have an interesting variety of trees for park visitors to enjoy. More than 30 different kinds of trees attract a variety of woodland birds and a few species of mammals (see birds and wildlife section).

  • Birds and Wildlife of The Woods

    The plant diversity in this area attracts a variety of woodland birds. The most common birds are listed below. Some birds are easier heard than seen, so be sure to listen for their sounds. Other species may be found in other parts of the park or may stop by this area during migration. The more common birds in this area of the park are shown below.

  • Birds of West Lake

    Birds abound in and around West Lake. A variety of waterfowl including ducks and geese can be found swimming across the lake’s surface or hiding among its reeds. Woodland birds can be found flitting among the trees that surround the lake, while raptors and scavengers can be seen soaring through the sky above the lake. This page focuses on water-associated birds that you are likely to encounter during your visit to West Lake.