Family Name: Caprifoliaceae

  • There are several species of invasive bush or shrubby honeysuckles in Ohio (Amur, Tartarian, and Morrow Honeysuckle).
  • Honeysuckles have opposite bluntly pointed dark green elliptical leaves and produce colorful red or orange berries in the fall.
  • The various invasive honeysuckles have fragrant white, yellow, pink, or crimson flowers in the spring.  The bark on older plants appears striped.
  • Invasive bush honeysuckles can be very aggressive and difficult to remove from natural ecosystems.


Bush Honeysuckle


For more information on invasive plants see:

“Invasive Plants of Concern in Ohio”

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A special thanks to the students of the Field Botany class at Mount Vernon Nazarene University who wrote the reports on the various kinds of trees found in The Woods. These students include Chandler Cook, Grace Hall, Emily Kauble, Keith Kitchen, Madison Lotz, Kevin Maurer, Christina Norcross, Caroline Phillips, Dakoda Ramsey, Jacob Schott, Emily Smith, and Katelyn Stone.

All photos linked in this Learning Station courtesy of D. Mosher, Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

Appendix I

Plant surveys were done by the Field Botany class at Mount Vernon Nazarene University during the fall semester of 2016.  A summary of the class surveys for woody plants and herbaceous plants is available.